BB WEEK 2020

Donating to the 60th Company

(Raffles Institution)

There are three ways you can donate this year – (1) through the BBHQ website, (2) PayNow or (3) Internet Banking.

  1.  Donating via the BBHQ website

After opening the link ^ , follow these steps:

Step 1: Select “BB Week

Step 2: From the dropdown list, select “Specific BB Companies

Step 3: Select “60th, Raffles Institution

Step 4: Enter amount you wish to donate

Step 5: Referred by: [Name of Boy/Primer who referred you to donate]

Step 6: Fill in the rest of your particulars.The first part of the donation form should look like this. Don’t forget to fill in your particulars below(!):

 Note: All donations are tax deductible. As long as you fill in your NRIC under particulars, you will automatically be provided with a tax-deduction receipt.

  1. Donating via PayNow

Step 1: Launch your mobile bank app

Step 2: Tap on Scan QR, QR Pay or similar options, depending on your Banking app

Step 3: Point camera at the QR code below to scan it or enter UEN No. “S62SS0041D


Step 4: Verify the payment is made to “The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore

Step 5: Enter the amount you would like to donate

Step 6: Enter payment reference or comments to indicate who asked you for the donation. Use this format:

BB Company Number<space>name of BB member (up to 25 characters including spaces). Note that RIBB is the 60th Company.

An example is as such:

60th Isaac Goh


Step 7: Confirm payment

Step 8: Fill up and submit this online donation form if you wish to receive tax exemption benefits

  1. Donating via Internet Banking

Step 1: Transfer your desired amount to the following Bank Account using your preferred bank service:

To: The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore

DBS Current (Autosave)

Account Number: 0010640089

Step 2: Screenshot the successful page and email it to with your


Should you have any further questions, please direct them to:


Thank you for your attention and we look forward to your generous donations. Have a blessed week ahead, and stay safe and healthy in these trying times :)